söndag 3 juli 2011


Bo, a journalist, and me were in Rome. Bo being a fanatic on Rome, knowing every stone and place of interest. And restaurants. A perfect companion to me, never being in Rome before. We were there doing reportage for the Swedish paper Göteborgs-Tidningen. And we also planned to make a tourist guide for travellers to Rome and Italy. Text: Bo Lundin. Illustrations: Ulf Sveningson. I remember those days very well. Allmost every drawing made during that session.  
1977 we planned to go there again. To complete our mission, doing the Guide.  All of a sudden we were not two of us going away, we were in fact five! A too big gang to get something really done. Off we went. I was not prepared. And so my life took a new direction.
Above: I am thirty-three, struggling for to become an illustrator. A pigeonhole somewhere in Rome. I am astonished over my features. Looking sceptically into times to come. In my hand, a Pelican Fountain Pen. Eventually I got a job at the Gothenburg-Post. And I really enjoyed those 29 years I stayed there.