tisdag 8 september 2015


One day I came to Tuscola Illinois.

Why? A visit to Mr and Mrs Mayer. A farmer. 
The crisis for the Corn and farming in the US. Huge fields.
The horizon was in sight. For me the middle of the Praire. 
Stayed in a Motel, type Psycho. Visited the Sheriff, the Jail,
the Teacher, the office and Editor of Tuscola Journal.
Had drawings from the visit published.
Had lunch at Dixie Truckers Home.
Listened to a Pianola, Gershwin, Berlin and had
dinner at the Teachers home. 
Spoke to a very, very old woman who once,
in her youth had visited the Fjords of Norway.
Drank Budweiser, got drunk.
This was a kind of America I only had seen in movies.
I stayed three nights in Tuscola,
then we went southwards, Gert and I. 
New Orleans. 

måndag 7 september 2015


El Paso.100 degrees Farenheit. 
Rio Grande just a tiny brook. Helicopters hovering.
Empty streets. Sketching and painting in the shade of a traffic sign. 
Quickly. Suffering in the heat. Stayed in El Paso just two days.
Then northwards, New Mexico. 


Very early I learned to know Anders Zorn

Every evening, just before sleep, I was studying  a picture
painted by him. Djos Mats was the title of the painting.
Djos Mats, a shoemaker, sitting at his desk, glasses and 
hat on. Leaning over his workbench.
I gazed at the picture. hanging over the sofa, and 
I was so amazed over how it was done ... small dots
of color, just on the tip of the glasses, a stroke of 
cadmium on the ear .... wonderful.
I tried to find out what 
made the light in the shoemakers eyes so vibrant..  
I wondered and wondered and then 
I fell asleep. 
Many times have I been to Mora and the Museum.
And I am still astonished when I see the pictures shown there. 
He was a marvellous artist.
I made this picture for an article about Mora
and Zorn. Published in GP.
Years ago.