onsdag 25 november 2015


En tidsbild. 
En teckning gjord och publicerad någon gång i början av åttiotalet.

söndag 22 november 2015


An illustration for På Kryss
A magazine on yachting published in Sweden

lördag 21 november 2015


Once upon a time.
Elvis or Tommy. 
Beatles or Rolling Stones.

tisdag 17 november 2015


OK, då!


Cambridge. A cold day. Snowing.


From archive, I found this painting. 
Went to Egypt a couple of years ago.
Coming home I was so overwhelmed
by what I had seen. Something had to be done. 
I bought a big, for me a very big,
 canvas. And started painting.
Then I went on with another and another...
What is left is this.

tisdag 3 november 2015


There are people
making this world a better one. 
And so there are people ....

tisdag 8 september 2015


One day I came to Tuscola Illinois.

Why? A visit to Mr and Mrs Mayer. A farmer. 
The crisis for the Corn and farming in the US. Huge fields.
The horizon was in sight. For me the middle of the Praire. 
Stayed in a Motel, type Psycho. Visited the Sheriff, the Jail,
the Teacher, the office and Editor of Tuscola Journal.
Had drawings from the visit published.
Had lunch at Dixie Truckers Home.
Listened to a Pianola, Gershwin, Berlin and had
dinner at the Teachers home. 
Spoke to a very, very old woman who once,
in her youth had visited the Fjords of Norway.
Drank Budweiser, got drunk.
This was a kind of America I only had seen in movies.
I stayed three nights in Tuscola,
then we went southwards, Gert and I. 
New Orleans. 

måndag 7 september 2015


El Paso.100 degrees Farenheit. 
Rio Grande just a tiny brook. Helicopters hovering.
Empty streets. Sketching and painting in the shade of a traffic sign. 
Quickly. Suffering in the heat. Stayed in El Paso just two days.
Then northwards, New Mexico. 


Very early I learned to know Anders Zorn

Every evening, just before sleep, I was studying  a picture
painted by him. Djos Mats was the title of the painting.
Djos Mats, a shoemaker, sitting at his desk, glasses and 
hat on. Leaning over his workbench.
I gazed at the picture. hanging over the sofa, and 
I was so amazed over how it was done ... small dots
of color, just on the tip of the glasses, a stroke of 
cadmium on the ear .... wonderful.
I tried to find out what 
made the light in the shoemakers eyes so vibrant..  
I wondered and wondered and then 
I fell asleep. 
Many times have I been to Mora and the Museum.
And I am still astonished when I see the pictures shown there. 
He was a marvellous artist.
I made this picture for an article about Mora
and Zorn. Published in GP.
Years ago.  

onsdag 26 augusti 2015


The summer is gone.
Now back in business. September is just around the corner. 
 Let us start with this little picture. I have drawn many lighthouses.
Some gigantic, other just twinkling lamps.
Kungsbacka is a small twinkling one. 
So, I took this perspective. 
A little bit of the Swedish west-coast.

lördag 11 juli 2015


I remember the day I made this drawing. 

Ulf Nystroem, a nerd on trains and tracks, and so 
pleasant to work with, had initiated a serie of 
reports on old industrial railways.
This was our last commission on that subject. 
And so we went by this engine
heavy laden with timber. Up in Dalsland.
Slowly, very slowly, we passed old stations, green fields
and meadows, glittering lakes and rivers.
The track was not in the best shape and
there were a good deal of tossing.
We brought sandwiches and coffee.
It was a summer day in 2008.


What is this?

I flip through my files.
Thousands of drawings pass by.
Mostly done during my time at the paper.
And I wonder.  
What kind of text was this picture
accompanying for example? 
Bad meat.
To many mice around.
Dirty shops. 
A story for children.
Haven´t got a clue.
Probably done during my "heydays".
Mid eighties. 
I enjoy the lightbulb and
the stiff tail. 
Were you allowed to smoke
in a butchers´shop?

fredag 10 juli 2015

lördag 20 juni 2015


I spent some time in Venice. 
The Real Venice. And this picture came to mind. Two and a middle.
Some water in red and blue,a  bleak sun. 
The black spot above? 
All done in chalk. Not too large. 
And like most things turning up here; 
it was done a long, long time ago.
I might go to Venice?  

fredag 15 maj 2015


Spent a couple of years doing fashion drawing. 
Perhaps I was too realistic for the time. I liked it very much though..
 Close to catwalk, Mont Blanc and paper in my knee. 
Sketching. Back to my hotel, where I had fixed a little bit of a studio.
Finished my sketches. Aquarell-painting.
Loading sketchbox and on it again. 
There could be three, four shows a day. 
This is Kenzo. He was big by the time. 
Had his show in his premises.
Place des Vicoires.
Found this picture in my archive. 

fredag 1 maj 2015


Had my watercolours

my paper and 
my brushes, probably my Mont Blanc too, and 
strolled down the Sunset Strip. Yes, it must
have been there on the strip I made this painting. 
Chevys´ I think. Some sort of club.

tisdag 7 april 2015


Klaus Rifbjerg är död. 

Peter Lenken och jag träffade honom en gång
på Gyldendals förlag i Köpenhamn. 
Det blev ett reportage på Världens gång i GP. 
Det handlade om humor. 
Klaus Rifbjerg älskade, liksom jag att besöka Irland.
Jag föreslog att vi skulle göra en 
irlandsresa tillsammans. En bok om ön? 
Ja, låt oss mötas om detta svarade Klaus Rifbjerg.
Men någon sådan resa blev tyvärr aldrig av.

Läs Peter text här:

söndag 5 april 2015


Today is eight years since I sailed up the Red Sea. 
Leaving Djibouti heading for Alexandria.
Red sea, The Suez canal and Mediterannean sea.
The ship was East India Ship GÖTHEBORG.

måndag 30 mars 2015


It is forbidden to feed the pigeons in St Marcus Sq.
There are too many of them. Irritating.
Most artists have painted Venice. Marvelous is 
Canaletto and of course Mr Turner too. 
Once Lis and I guided  two nice and gentle ladies there. 
One of them had only one and one
very important wish when being in Venice: 
to visit the bar, Harry´s bar. 
Arrigo Cipriani welcomed us as we 
sneaked in. He stood by the bar, by the door.
We got a round table on the second floor,
just by the window. Canal Grande 
just close.We had a couple
of Bellinis. I got a little bit tipsy. 
Another Bellini. 
The sun set. 
I probably made a sketch or two. 
Three hours of my life was gone. 
I will always remember those hours.
Some years ago.

fredag 20 mars 2015


"I can understand how most of
the old inventions work.
But this little gadget ...."
Notice the old Macversion.
Or whatever.


A Happy Family? 
I might doubt.
Here it is.
The Happy Family!

torsdag 19 mars 2015


Today is Thursday.
I am leaning, well leaning? over a 
white challenging surface. And I realize: The sky 
is the limit, well limit? I check out and I am
waiting for the Friday to come.
And the Prosecco.

onsdag 25 februari 2015


This is Margareta Krook.
A Swedish actor, marvellous. 
A character you probably would say. 
Einar Nerman, a Swedish artist once made
a caricature of Greta Garbo. I had
that picture in mind when doing this. 
A hairy signature. Like. 

lördag 7 februari 2015


This is Fia.

There are many cats on the net. 
Now it is my turn to present one.
We had Fia for almost fifteen years. 
She was one of my favorite model.
I really miss her.

torsdag 5 februari 2015


This is Bologna.

Visited the The Childrens Book Fair. 
Sat at Piazza Maggiore. 
Had a glass of Italian Wine.
Noticed the Corinthian pillar. 
Got inspired by the many children books
I had flipped through.
During a long day.
Made this picture.
Had a Strega and went home
to my Albergo.
Had another glass of wine
and fell asleep.

onsdag 4 februari 2015


This is Mallorca. 

We are a gang of artists,
loving going to islands all over. 
Once a year, and we have done it
for many, many years.
From Manhattan to Sicily and Gotland. 
I did not want my latest post to be # 13. 
That´t the reason why this picture turns up. 


These days I do a lot of traveling by tram. 

And I am watching people...eyes, lips, hair, noses, dress etc. Memorizing. 
Back at my drawing board, I sketch what I remember. 
As I almost always has a sketchbook and a Mont Blanc in my pocket, 
it is so easy to pin down what I just have seen. 
My University nowadays.

lördag 24 januari 2015


This is the German Church 
and one of the canals of Gothenburg.

The painting was supposed to be the christmasgreetings
published by  paper I worked with.Years ago.
"No Christmas without snow." I was told.
I took some Permanent white, and put som snow in. 
The picture above picture is before the Permanent white.
 I preferred that version.
Do so even today.

onsdag 14 januari 2015




Under mina år på tidningen stod Volvo ofta i fokus.
Och då naturligtvis Gyllenhammar. 
Norsk olja och renaultaffär.
I mitt arkiv hittade jag dessa teckningar.
Näsor är känsliga attribut. Det blev många
korrigeringar, tipex och skalpell.

Men vad vore vi människor utan
dubbelhakor, ögonpåsar, gäddhäng,
strutshalsar, rynkor, underbett, koben,
hjulben, näsborst, hängbröst och ölmagar?
Det är ju så vi blir karaktärer och 
älskade av tecknare. 

Nedan några exempel.

måndag 12 januari 2015


Nu pratar vi om för många, många år sedan. 

Anders Wall och Pehr G Gyllenhammar. 
Beijer och Volvo. 1981
"Två fullständigt väsensskilda företagsstrukturer"
Det sket sig.