lördag 11 juli 2015


I remember the day I made this drawing. 

Ulf Nystroem, a nerd on trains and tracks, and so 
pleasant to work with, had initiated a serie of 
reports on old industrial railways.
This was our last commission on that subject. 
And so we went by this engine
heavy laden with timber. Up in Dalsland.
Slowly, very slowly, we passed old stations, green fields
and meadows, glittering lakes and rivers.
The track was not in the best shape and
there were a good deal of tossing.
We brought sandwiches and coffee.
It was a summer day in 2008.


What is this?

I flip through my files.
Thousands of drawings pass by.
Mostly done during my time at the paper.
And I wonder.  
What kind of text was this picture
accompanying for example? 
Bad meat.
To many mice around.
Dirty shops. 
A story for children.
Haven´t got a clue.
Probably done during my "heydays".
Mid eighties. 
I enjoy the lightbulb and
the stiff tail. 
Were you allowed to smoke
in a butchers´shop?

fredag 10 juli 2015