måndag 30 mars 2015


It is forbidden to feed the pigeons in St Marcus Sq.
There are too many of them. Irritating.
Most artists have painted Venice. Marvelous is 
Canaletto and of course Mr Turner too. 
Once Lis and I guided  two nice and gentle ladies there. 
One of them had only one and one
very important wish when being in Venice: 
to visit the bar, Harry´s bar. 
Arrigo Cipriani welcomed us as we 
sneaked in. He stood by the bar, by the door.
We got a round table on the second floor,
just by the window. Canal Grande 
just close.We had a couple
of Bellinis. I got a little bit tipsy. 
Another Bellini. 
The sun set. 
I probably made a sketch or two. 
Three hours of my life was gone. 
I will always remember those hours.
Some years ago.