lördag 7 februari 2015


This is Fia.

There are many cats on the net. 
Now it is my turn to present one.
We had Fia for almost fifteen years. 
She was one of my favorite model.
I really miss her.

torsdag 5 februari 2015


This is Bologna.

Visited the The Childrens Book Fair. 
Sat at Piazza Maggiore. 
Had a glass of Italian Wine.
Noticed the Corinthian pillar. 
Got inspired by the many children books
I had flipped through.
During a long day.
Made this picture.
Had a Strega and went home
to my Albergo.
Had another glass of wine
and fell asleep.

onsdag 4 februari 2015


This is Mallorca. 

We are a gang of artists,
loving going to islands all over. 
Once a year, and we have done it
for many, many years.
From Manhattan to Sicily and Gotland. 
I did not want my latest post to be # 13. 
That´t the reason why this picture turns up. 


These days I do a lot of traveling by tram. 

And I am watching people...eyes, lips, hair, noses, dress etc. Memorizing. 
Back at my drawing board, I sketch what I remember. 
As I almost always has a sketchbook and a Mont Blanc in my pocket, 
it is so easy to pin down what I just have seen. 
My University nowadays.