tisdag 7 februari 2012

For almost thirty years Gert, journalist and friend of mine, and I were assigned by Gothenburg-Post to visiting lighthouses around the world. Draw, photograph and publish the result the first day of the month. The lighthouse is some kind of logo for that paper. A very good one I find. 
A new lighthouse every month!

Understandably we became some sort of experts on locating lighthouses and finding ways to get out to these often far away islands, where the lighthouses mostly are to be found. We became experts on lighthouses generally. And many were those skippers navigating us over. They often eagerly gave us information about what had being going on out there around the rocks we were to be taken: shipwrecks, storms, drowning, lonelieness, hardship. I still can feel the smell of damp concrete while counting the steps toward the lantern.: 91, 92, 93 ....
Many of those places we visited are mentioned in the weather forecast on the radio. Daily. Important datas are given. So, when they, give you the wind direction from Utsira, I recall the day we were there, and I say to my sons.... 
Yes, I know what it is like out there. I have been there. 
Nowadays they think that is boring. 
We know ... you have been there....!!!
But gives me some sort of soft relief ...  there are many things to be seen. 
  And I have been to Utsira!

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