onsdag 21 november 2012

Huntingtons Gallery Pasadena

Once upon a time ...

I was a rather diligent blogger.
Pictures and writings.
No I think it is time to catch up again.
So let us start.

This interior painting I found in Huntingtons Gallery in Pasadena. 

I like pub och bar interiors.
 Perhaps because I myself  made 
so many of them while hitchiking around in the seventies. 
Tipsy people are mostly friendly people and they
often offered me a pint if I made a portrait, or sketched 
the interior of the pub. 
Drinking, smoking and sketching, not bad.
Take a look of the butcher? to the right. Feeding? the
five, six cats.  He is the star of the scen.
And the lit up yellow floor is the stage. Light from sun to gas.
Early american painting. By whom, I am ignorant.
Wish I was there and then.
With my pencil and pad.

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