söndag 25 november 2012


Twice a year I went to the Fashion Week in Paris.
Being a fashion illustrator was something new to me.
The Editor asked me: do you manage drawing clothes.
Well, I said, I have never really tried.
Since art school, many years ago.
And so he sent me off to Paris. And I returned for almost
ten years. Autumn and spring Hautcouture and Pretaporter. 
I learned to know Paris. By foot. 
I often visited Restaurant des Beaux- Arst.
The food excellent.
Lot of guests.
Very smokey.
I think it isn´t there longer.
And so one day I passed Robert Altman, sitting outside the Louvre,
direting Sophia Loren and Julia Roberts in a movie titled
Pret-a-Porter. Sophia Loren acted, but Julia Roberts was not to be seen.
Sorry so.

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