onsdag 18 september 2013

We went to Halmstad, Jörgen and I. He had just bought a scooter, it was summer and we were on our way, heading south from Uddevalla, looking for girls, dancing. I sat in the back, no helmets on. It was long before those things were compulsory. But I had a book with, and I read it while the wind swept by...  It was The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway. The scooters engine failed when we were close to Falkenberg. Rain began to fall. A gloomy mood we were in. 
 This happened many, many years ago, but as far as I can remember we came to Halmstad, we had our whiskey. Girls? I cannot remember. Neither do remember how we got back to Uddevalla. But we did.  All of us, the book is still there on my shelf. A pocket-one it is. I think its cover is  orange, and there is a drawing there too. By Svenolov Ehrén I think. I have to check that up when I am at home. 
This summer I have made som portraits of authors known. Hemingway is one of them, Joyce another one. They once me in Paris. Never really liked eachother. 
The other seventeen portraits will appear at Ullman Galleri on Saturday. You are welcome.

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I love the story and the art.