måndag 25 november 2013

A cute figure

Today is the first day of the Winter to come.

 I read about Momin and I read a book by Cole.
I bring my bag for the gym this evening. I walk the path to my Studio, not far away. I take the elevator, the third floor. A dog, Selma whishes me welcome. I take off my coat. I approach the Cintique, I switch on ny Mac  and up on the screen comes this cute figure.
I drew this picture many years ago. It should be a Marilyn Monroe, and the text was about the Hollywood ladies. I had fun drawing those girls, and I wish I had a similar assignment today. Then I perhaps had made them another style, although I like the way this Monroe is done. 
And now back to my job of today. 
A cover for a book about the Swedish artist, Evert Taube.

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