onsdag 1 januari 2014

New York / Illustrator

This is my first illustration I made in Illustrator. I was eager learning computerdrawing. Where i worked there was a young lady, who had the knowledge. She knew how to work in Photoshop. I was amazed of what the little machine could do. She showed me!
I got a computer, a Mac, and I bought all of those very thick manuals, there were. I started in Painter then Photoshop ...It took a long time before I opened Illustrator. I thought it so far away from what I was used to work with: Pen and paper.
One day I got an assignment I found suitable for Illustrator. I started to read the manuals, every evening at bedtime, rushed to the computer, did what the manual told me to do, alas it worked.
The illustration above was made to an article about the work at UN. Many straight lines, many shades, many layers, very much trial and error. This year I think I will try the canvas and oil. On an easel.

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