lördag 30 januari 2010

Britt-Marie and I visited New York in 1992, covering the Democratic Convent, held in Madison Sq. Garden. To be published the next day the drawings had to be transmitted before noon, due to the time difference. Luckily I learned to know a photographer, from Reuters on Brodway, who kindly helped me to transmit my pictures by telephoto. It could be a troublesome task. You put the drawing on a revolving cylinder, an electric eye scan the picture and if the line is cut off you have to start all over again. Also you had to work in a fixed format. The coloured strip you see on top had to match a similar one home in Sweden. Well, I found it all was a big adventure and my relief was immense when the transmission was over and I got an OK from my homeoffice. I could then fill my Mont Blanc and dive into the streets of New York, have a cup of coffee and join my friends in Madison Sq. Garden.
Fifteen years later I sent my drawings made on my Mac just by pressing a button. From Katrineholm or New York, it was all the same.

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