söndag 24 januari 2010

I entered New York early eightyone. Discovered the skyline from a junky cab, and a hot foggy day it was. I took in at Hotel Edison, most Swedes did so, that year. I felt unsafe, trigged and overwhelmed. Tired, resting on my bed, I watched TV and from the window I heard the buzz from Times Square. I was there! Finally!
For me it was some kind of a dream fullfilled. Hard for a youngster of today to understand, when you can go there for 200 dollars. Guggenheim, P J Clarkes, MOMA, Ellis Island, Central Park, 5th Avenue, Rockefeller Center, 42nd street, Brooklyn Bridge, Blue Note, The Strand Bookstore,Grand Central Station, Empire State Building, the Museum mile, the Society of Illustrators, Carnegie Hall... I knew where to go.
On Briggs Avenue, Bronx, lived my three aunts since the thirties. I had written many letters to those old ladies. They selldom answered, but Brita once sent me a pair of Wrangler jeans. In 1956. Now I was there and I was eager to see them. Something failed. We never met.
During the years to come I visited New York and USA many times. But the first time is the most memorable one.
The illustation above, one of the first I made in Illustrator, followed an article about Mr Jan Eliasson and United Nations.

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