söndag 3 januari 2010

David Levine
One of my first attempts to become a newspaper artist was in the sixties.
The war in Viet-Nam was going on. The political cartoonists were in
full swing. There were many good faces to carve.
I sent a cartoon to Aftonbladet, a paper in Sweden. It was a double-portrait; Nixon and Kissinger in the way the kings on a playing-card are depicted. Bombs in the background. I got a kindly written letter back from Mr Glans telling me they had Ewert Karlsson and at the same time wishing me a bright future in the field of cartooning.
By that time an american artist was introduced in Dagens Nyheter. Swedens by then foremost morningpaper. His name was David Levine and he was outstanding. From then on his art were to be published in DN. One big reason to buy that paper. (In addition there were Rit-Ola, MartinLamm, Björn Berg, Margareta Sylwan and Ströyer)
David Levine passed away December last year.
In my bookcase I have a couple of books on David Levine.
One of them looks like above. And there is a fantastic Nixon too.

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