fredag 23 maj 2014

111 Lighthouses.

OK.This is not a book about Lighthouses.
Not a book for navigation, nor an encyclopedia.
.... it is kind of an ArtBook. OK!

As I have said earlier: during my lifetime 
and the years I spent as a newspaper artist 
I came to visit more than 300 lighthouses.
I made a drawing, it was published, and
then I archived it in a cupboard.
Most of the drawings are gone. Into oblivion,
given away or sold. (My wife went aground
just outside that rock! Her birthday is
on Sunday!) 
 Many times I have been asked: Will you 
ever publish those lighthouses? Those drawings.
I would like to have them collected. 
When the100th lighthouse was published 
 poster was printed And when the 200th lighthouse
was published another one. And before
that a book, text by Gert Malmberg. 
All those items since long sold out. 
This spring I have been looking through
what remains of the collection. I havegone through, 
I have remade and I have scanned a few. 
I have sorted the material out and so 
I have collected 111 lighthouses in a book. 
No publisher was interested. But there is Blurb. 
And there it is just now. For sale. And in my backyard I got a few. 
Enough of Lighthouses now?
At least for a while. 
Well, here is a link to Blurb. 
If you are interested.

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