fredag 6 juni 2014

Info graphics

A drawing like this? I have never done one before.

Well, that is not really true. I did a lot of "info graphics"
when I started to work for GP, the daily Gothenburg newspaper.
 There were submarines, bridges, buildings, riggs, robberies,
accidents that should be described minutely in pictures. And I had to 
trust my memory and fill in with fantasy.
"Of course you know what it looks like inside a
submarine, don´t you!" I had seen the inside of a submarine in 
a movie or two, thats all.(The Beach. Anthony Perkins?)  I looked
through books, yes the interior was ok, but where was the leak like? what 
was the condition like for the people down there?
"Some people screaming and running around, and Ulf don´t forget the water
Up to the knees. It must be dark down there? Put in som light too!"
And I made drawings. Water, tubes,
floating bodies, maps and gates,crying sailors, flickering lightsources.
  Fake it was. Imagination. I did many of those
"infographics" They were made on  paper and ink. And a lot of white gouache.
Alteration and alterations.
Time changes. You could not go on faking like that.You had to be quite correct.
The information should be informative, clear and precise.
That was a demand. Of course!
And so a very skillfull artist was hired. And he did a very good job.
 I had done my last drawing on those subjects. 
Untill this week. Now, no paper, just Illustrator. Being interested in 
boats and the sea I found this task interesting. 
It is about a research vehicle, to be built for the Gothenburg University. 
And I have learned to like Illustrator.
I prefer Painter though.

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Zina sa...

Wow! I am in awe. How incredibly hard I would find it to even attempt something like this. You did a beautiful job!