torsdag 10 december 2009

It was in nineteenhundred and eightyfive..

1985... and Claude Simon had been awarded
the Nobel price for his writings.
Peter and I had gone to Stockholm. We were
to tell our reader what it was like,
the Nobel festivitas. We had no tuxedos,
we were not allowed to enter the
ballroom down there and had to watch the
dinner from above. And so did the TV-media from
all over the world.
A lot of cables, a lot of very big cameras and
lot of people dragging the cables around.
A camera comes softly up from behind and
dive into the drawing you see above. I went on sketching.
The camera zooms away and goes further on.
A man carrying the heavy cable conneted to the camera
turns up and says: you sketching has just been seen by
100 million japanese watching the morning TV.
Fortunately I was not aware.
I bought a book written by Claude Simon, but never read it.
But I remember we had a nice little party at Norstedts.

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