onsdag 9 december 2009

Special bulletin from Art Corner Disneyland

As a kid I drew a lot of comics.
They were all collected in a magazine, named TARZ.
Mostly they were about flying supermen.
Or men living in the jungle. There were monkeys too.
The magazine had a circulation of two, sometimes
three copies.
I bought my first Donald Duck & Co and so I
learned to draw Donald and his friends. His bill
was hard to get in right place I remember.
I wrote a letter to mr Disney and asked him if
he could give me an advice. How do I do?
This bulletin is one of the returning posts.
What strikes me is the very cheap cells you could
buy by that time. Production-cells are gold for
collectors today. I got a photo too!
I never bought a cell, but I sent for the How
to draw-books. And became a very skillful Donald
Duck- and Mickey Mouse- artist.

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