måndag 7 december 2009

Birger Lundquist Sven Åhman and DN

Sven Åhman. Foreign correspondent. DN. A sketch I did about 1983

I stood in front of my easel.
Sure it was early in the sixties. At school.
I was trying to find the best way to
depict the model standing in front of
me. Her thighs.. arms, head.
"You should take a look at Birger
Lundquist´s work. The way you draw..."
mr Flink, our teacher, approaching me said.
I did so.
This issue of Dagens Nyheter I found in
Stockholm many years later. There were
the reportage illustrated by BL. And Sven
Åhman covered the Nuremberg war trials.
I still keep the issue in my box.

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